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Sandbox Free Game Maker is a tool for designing 3D worlds that's easy enough to use as an educational tool in schools (there's actually a version specifically designed for this), but at the same time powerful enough to create entire games.

The application's goal, according to its developers, is to provide an interface that lets both kids and adults create their own worlds and video games. The application's interface is so intuitive, fun, and simple that it's been included in the video game itself.

Sandbox Free Game Maker's interface gives you the option of creating your game based on different starting points. This will make it easier to make a role-play, racing, or adventure game, among other possibilities. You can also choose from a variety of maps that have been included.

Sandbox Free Game Maker is compatible with tons of different audio formats (MP3, WAV, and OGG) which can be read and played in the game itself. Also, you won't have any problems loading in models you have saved in md2, md3, md5, iqm, smd and obj formats.

Sandbox Free Game Maker is a video game creation tool that's easy and fun to use. Also, all the tutorials available on the developer's page will help you master this tool in no time.
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